🌿 Happy Mail On Its Way

🌿 When I was in second grade, my very best friend moved all the way across the country. Our parents encouraged us to become pen pals, and we continued to write to one another through college. The first mailings were just a few lines scribbled in childish handwriting on greeting cards. By the time we reached high school, we were penning 14 page letters discussing, for the most part, boys we'd met and dreams we had for the future.

Becoming a pen pal was natural for me, as my Grandma frequently sent me cards and sweet treats through the post office even though we saw each other at least once a week. Sometimes she included a little fun money to spend on something frivolous. In other happy mail, she'd clip my horoscope or a clever column from the newspaper and send it to me. I still have most of her letters, and I treasure these pieces of her wit and wisdom.

As I set up my Patreon, I knew I wanted to include real mail as a benefit for two of the tiers. I'm beyond grateful to everyone who supports my efforts here at Key Lime Ink, and it's great fun to compile bits and bobs to send you. Stickers are almost always included, but I also enjoy finding pretty note cards, matching envelopes, and just the right color ink to coordinate. And, stamps! Don't forget the stamps! I have a nice collection of never-used vintage postage, and I'm always eager to see what the USPS has in store with new releases. 

Join me at Patreon to receive surprise goodies in your mailbox. The batch in this photo just went out this week! 

P.S. International patrons are encouraged!

🌿  Patreon Tiers
  • $2 per month 
    • access to special digital content

  • $5 per month 
    • access to special digital content
    • occasional happy mail {postcards, stickers, etc.}

  • $10 per month 
    • access to special digital content
    • occasional happy mail {postcards, stickers, etc.} 
    • occasional artful, handcrafted happy mail 

Be well,