🌿 My Favorite Watercolor Sets Under $60

🌿 The two watercolor sets I've used most lately are the best values I've found. For painters of all skill levels, I'd recommend these above all others in the "under $60" category.

Da Vinci offers a 12 full pan mixing set which is entirely vegan, 100% lightfast, and made by a small family business in California. 

This set includes a cool and warm of each primary, a useful Quinacridone Rose for mixing pinks and purples, a handy Sap Green helpful for botanicals, and lovely earth tones using the preferable PBr7. The paints re-wet easily and hold their color in mixes exceptionally well. These are highly pigmented, vibrant watercolors which are incredibly smooth. A tiny bit goes a long way.

At the time of this blog post, you're getting artist quality paints for about $2.33 per half pan equivalent including a sturdy, well-made tin and free shipping. Da Vinci sits right in the middle of the watercolor world price-point wise. They're a little more expensive than Roman Szmal, Paul Rubens, and White Nights but far less costly than Daniel Smith, Schmincke, Sennelier, etc. This is, at this time, my absolute favorite watercolor set on the market.

If you're on a tighter budget, Van Gogh is an even less expensive alternative. Their 15 half pan mixing set (called 12+3) is vegan, 93% lightfast, and made in The Netherlands by Royal Talens. The set includes a cool and warm of each primary, a Quinacridone Rose for mixing pinks and purples, a convenient Sap Green for botanicals, earth tones, and a handy Payne's Grey. Like Da Vinci, these paints also re-wet very well.

The Van Gogh 12+3 set is less than $20 right now on Amazon, although that price is always subject to change. This means you're getting high level student quality paints for around $1.28 per half pan equivalent including a convenient lift-out mixing tray, serviceable brush, and free shipping with Amazon Prime. Van Gogh is generally considered the best student grade watercolor brand, and many professional artists started with them and continue to use a few of their colors in their palettes. 

If you can't choose between them, go with Da Vinci. They are more transparent and highly pigmented than the Van Gogh.

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