🌿 Happy Valentine's Day!

🌿❤️🌸 Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

Secret? Although I'm slowly improving my own drawing skills, sometimes it's nice to find line art on Canva and paint just like I'm using a coloring book. 


  1. If you don't already have a Canva Pro account, sign up for a free 30-day trial.

  2. Search for Canva's royalty-free design elements to include in your layout. In this case, the whole bouquet was available in one single graphic. Then, I added the heart element. (This was quick and easy! For other projects, I've combined as many as two dozen elements to create one composition.)

  3. Print your design on watercolor paper using a printer which has water resistant ink. I use an older-model Epson WorkForce Pro.

  4. Paint!

🌿  Supplies

  • Watercolors | I'm spending January and February using only this 12 full pan watercolor set from Da Vinci. It's made in California by a family-run business, and the paints are vegan, 100% lightfast, and remarkably affordable. Because the paints are so highly pigmented and hold up well in mixes, it's great to use for learning to mix colors.

  • Gold | My favorite metallic watercolor so far is Van Gogh's deep gold. This paint is vegan, lightfast, and made in The Netherlands by the longstanding art company Royal Talens.

  • Brushes | I only use animal-friendly synthetic brushes, and the Princeton Velvetouch line has a slight grip which makes the brushes easier to hold while painting fine details. For this small piece, I used:

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