🌿 Watercolor Challenge Three

🌿 Let's continue the Watercolor Challenge series with shades of pink for Valentine's Day. 

These are go-at-your-own-pace exercises. Feel free to just try mixing the provided colors in your art journal. Or, sketch the scene today and paint when you have more time. If you'd like to share your work, tag #KLIwatercolorchallenge on Instagram. 

Today's Watercolor Challenge Three features a dahlia from Australian photographer Jess Bailey.

Pro Tip

For a more advanced challenge, try using a limited palette. I'm spending January and February using only this 12 full pan mixing set from Da Vinci. It's made in California by a family-run business, and the paints are vegan, 100% lightfast, and remarkably affordable.

This challenge was designed in Canva Pro. Find a free 30-day trail here.

Happy painting,