🌿 Spring Sales On Art & Journaling Supplies

🌿 It's springtime, and you can often find me listening to baseball games while painting in my journals. Since I enjoy gifting art supplies, I'm also thinking ahead for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and graduations.

Here are a few of the best sales I've found this season.

* all sales are at Amazon unless otherwise noted 
♻️ eco-friendly choices available 
last updated: March 2, 2024
offers are subject to change

Blick ♻️
--- 55% off OttLite Desk Lamp

--- 51% off 9" x 12" pads
(made in the USA with FSC Certified paper)

--- 15% off A5 ruled journals (with stacked coupons)
--- 10% off A5 square grid journals (with checked coupon)
(these take watercolors and fountain pens beautifully)

Etsy ♻️ 
--- discounts on art supplies
--- discounts on journals

Forvencer ♻️ 
(I just got my first notebook from this brand, and the FSC Certified paper is fantastic for both fountain pens and watercolors!) 

(these journals take watercolor really well)

--- 19% off 36 half pans
(These are not lightfast, but they're fun to paint with in journals and sketchbooks)

Moleskine ♻️ 
--- up to 63% off notebooks and planners

Pacon UCreate Watercolor Paper
(this is my favorite paper for printing greeting cards; it's FSC Certified, made in the USA, easy to fold, and takes inkjet printing beautifully)

--- 20% off seasonal sticker book (at Amazon)
(my favorite sticker book of all time; pretty watercolor illustrations)

--- no big sales, but use my Paper Sunday coupon code keylime22 for a 10% discount on the whole collection of personalized scripture journals and planners

(I use these for lettering, swatching, scrubbing so I don't mess up my best brushes)

Post-It ♻️
--- 10% off pastel recycled sticky notes

Princeton Aqua Elite Watercolor Brush
--- 33% off round, size 0
(synthetic kolinsky, paints small details as smooth as ice cream, comfy grip)

--- 34% off set of 6
(these erase regular graphite pencils, not colored pencils)

--- 50% off variety pack

Stalogy 365 ♻️
--- 34% off A5 notebooks

--- 13% off set of three sizes
(my favorite waterproof fineliners)

--- 18% off 24 half pans
(these are ridiculously transparent; excellent color selection and great for ink and wash styles)

--- 23% off the one I use
(offers ruled margins for journaling; I use only PrismaColor colored pencils and Marvy Le Pen pens on this paper; it works really well for my purposes but most other pens and markers will definitely bleed)

Happy springtime,