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Hello! I’m Ann. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web. 

Key Lime Ink is all about using our innate creativity to navigate this mysterious thing called life. I share my own art and writing, promote my peers, and suggest new ways to fill your notebooks—for pure joy, organization, or therapy. 

Pour a cup of your favorite tea and join me. 

Who am I? Well, mostly a girl who has always enjoyed storytelling and making my paper look pretty. My grandmother inspired my obsession with journal keeping and was my most beloved pen pal. 

Although I live in the landlocked American Midwest, I named this venture for two of my favorite things in life: sitting on an oceanfront patio savoring a slice of key lime pie and playing with ink and paper. What brings you such happiness? 

Be well,



"I Forget Where We Were" - Ben Howard


Yellowstone | 1883 | 1923


Dark chocolate covered almonds

Soba noodles and broccoli marinated in honey ginger dressing, served cold with seared ahi tuna and topped with cilantro