🌿 My Favorite Guided Journal


🌿 Hello, autumn! It's October, which means the latest Bella Grace Field Guide to Everyday Magic is now available. 

This is my favorite guided journal, and an individual issue or subscription would make a delightful gift for a friend, family member, or you!  The photography, sentiments, and writing prompts are all focused on well-being and are ideal for self-care. Plenty of space is provided for writing answers, drawing sketches, etc.

I usually have these sent to me and jot down the prompts and quotes I especially like in a separate notebook for my own use. Then I wrap pretty bundles with candles, pens, or tea for birthdays, Christmas, caregivers, hostess gifts, thank you gifts, etc. That way, my recipients and I both get to enjoy the sweet thoughts each Field Guide offers. You could also provide one to each member of a book club or family group and then chat about your answers at your next gathering.


Be well,