🌿 Canson's Sustainable, Made In the USA Watercolor Paper

Pad of Canson XL watercolor paper

🌿 Although there are compelling artistic reasons to use cotton-based watercolor paper, I find sustainably-sourced wood pulp to be both economical and useful for pursuits like card making and swatching. 

Canson XL pads are produced in Appleton, Wisconsin, with materials from France. The FSC Certification means this paper comes from non-threatened forests with a carefully managed, environmentally friendly supply chain. 

The texture is moderately cold press. It works well with my waterproof Tombow Mono Drawing Pens and also happily takes waterproof ink from my Epson WorkForce Pro printer. I always take care to feed only one sheet at a time to prevent jams.

Find Canson XL in various formats at Amazon and at Blick.

Happy painting,

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