🌿 Roman Szmal Announces 20 New Colors

🌿 Fellow watercolor painters, have you heard? Roman Szmal recently announced twenty new colors. The small business based in Poland says these are made from pigments rarely seen in artistic paints. 

🌿  yellows & oranges

--- Nickel Tungsten Yellow (PY189) is a color close to AQ 202 Nickel Titanate Yellow, slightly darker and more explicitly granulated. 

--- Azo Yellow (PY128) made of light-permeating organic pigment, from which we obtain a shade close to halo and Indian yellowing. 

--- Anthraquinone Yellow (PY147) Very intense yellow with high chromaticity. Heat moderation, non-granulating paint that will surely become one of your favorites. 

--- Gamboge (Hue) (PY95) A hue that was missing in our palette. A light-permanent equivalent of long-known plant pigment. 

--- Bismuth Orange (PO86) is a light-permanent, granulating orange made from inorganic pigment. 

🌿  reds

--- Raspberry Red (PR272) Pyrrol light red with a raspberry shade.

--- Quinacridone Warm Scarlet (PR207) Warm, unlike magenta, unique shade of pink. Made from modern quinacridone pigment. 

--- Perylene Vermilion (PR123) Organic alternative to poisonous cynobra. A very intense dark red which when diluted reveals dark orange tones. 

--- Perylene Scarlet (PR149) Perylene, intense scarlet with an orange shade. 

--- Perylene Red Deep (PR179) Transparent, light maroon-brown shade of the popular pyrrol pigment. 

🌿  purples & blues

--- Strontium Violet (PV62) Strong granulating inorganic violet. Darker and more intense than dark cobalt violet - AQ 404 Cobalt Violet Deep. 

--- Aquarius Violet (PB29/PV19/PR255) Watercolor strongly layering on shades of brown, purple and blue which gives great effects on paper, e.g. with deep shadows the color resembles a shade of dark grapes or plums. 

--- Phtalo Blue (turquoise shade) (PB15:4) Intense transparent blue falling into light turquoise. 

--- Royal Blue Light (PW6/PB29/PB15:1) Light delicate light blue. Shade created especially for the requests of many artists. 

--- Limited Edition Lapis Lazuli (Afghan) (PB N/A earth pigment) Natural ultramarine made from pure Afghan version of semi-precious stone. Only 800 pieces of this beautiful watercolor were created. 

🌿  browns, greys, and blacks

--- Natural Umber Reddish (PBr7 earth pigment) is a dark brown with a warm shade. 

--- Benzimidazole Brown (PBr25) Transparent, saturated brown with a warm red shade. 

--- Urban Grey (PW6:1/PBr29/PB29/PY150) Dark grey splitting on shades of brown and blue. Ideal for painting streets, pavements or sidewalks in the glow of city lights. 

--- Graphite (PBk10) Strong covering paint which allows us to quickly cover larger surfaces with dark gray color. 

--- Velvet Black (PR264/PG7) Deep black obtained from combining two pigments, however, without the black pigment. Thus, the paint does not have the dirty properties that occur when using standard black. 

🌿  bonus 

There's also a gorgeous, limited edition color called October 2023 (PBr7/PV37). It will only be available in -- wait for it -- October 2023. 

Find these lovely new colors at Jackson's. If you're in the US, fear not. Jackson's now has a shipping center in Maine.

Happy painting,

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