🌿 Poromo Traveler's Notebooks Are Back


🌿 Six years ago, I purchased my very first traveler's notebook. It was brown leather, had pockets, offered four strings for inserts, and was a fantastic bargain. This journal cover looked like it belonged in a Wild West movie. I wanted to tell the whole world about my find! 

Then they stopped making them.

That led me on a quest to find other amazing traveler's notebooks to recommend. I found plenty, but there's just something about that first cover which sparks joy in the hears of all journal lovers who see it. Maybe it's because it gets scratched up in just the right way, especially when I take the time to condition it. 

This is a durable notebook cover and doesn't mind being tossed in a tote bag along with keys, a camera, hand sanitizer, random pieces of folded tinfoil, stray almonds, ticket stubs I've been meaning to include in my TN, and all the other assorted "maybe I'll need this someday" things I carry around with me.

Guess what?

They're back!

You can get one, too! 

Find the Poromo Traveler's Notebook here at Amazon.

  • Standard size
  • Leather
  • Four bands
  • Three card pockets and a folio pocket on the left
  • One secretarial pocket on the right
  • Elastic closure which knots toward the spine so it doesn't interfere with writing
  • Yours may or may not include a pen loop {mine did, but the design appears to have changed}
Did I mention these are under $20 right now?

You'll probably want to add some inserts to your shopping cart.

My favorite calendar is the Midori Traveler's Company Undated Weekly which offers 26 weeks of vertical planning with space for all seven days plus notes. If you prefer horizontal layouts, here's that version.

My favorite inserts for journal keeping are either Midori Traveler's Company Ruled (7mm)Wanderings Blank or Square Grid. (Wanderings makes a dot grid version as well, but my brain doesn't get along well with dot grid paper.) All of these take watercolor beautifully without bleedthrough.

You might also want to grab a Midori Traveler's Company Card Holder to make the TN an even more useful wallet situation. I like to add family photos and stickers to these pockets as well.

Happy journaling,

Ann is an artist and writer from Ohio. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube for fresh journal flips and reviews.