🌿 Earth Friendly Art and Journaling Supplies

🌿🌸🌎 Earth Week will be celebrated April 22-26, 2024. How can we choose art and journaling supplies which are better for the environment?

Let's look at our choices with the three R's in mind: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  

♻️  reduce

Numerous brands have developed alternative production methods to reduce the number of virgin trees used in journals, planners, watercolor paper, etc.

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    • Tomoe River Paper is FSC Certified, meaning the paper is sustainably sourced. Find this paper in products made by: 
    • Other popular notebook and planner brands also use FSC Certified paper:
    • Canson XL watercolor paper is made in the USA using FSC Certified wood pulp

    • Hahnemuhle offers inkjet and watercolor paper made with alternative materials like agave, bamboo, hemp, and sugar cane:
    • Also consider how much packaging you're ordering; be patient and schedule your Amazon orders to arrive in one delivery with fewer boxes.

    • Think about the distance your supplies must travel. Look for brands made nearest you. For example, Da Vinci watercolors are made by a small business in Southern California. They ship directly from their family-run Orange County manufacturing facility to customers within the United States. No container ships are required. If you're in Germany, consider Schmincke. Artists in Poland might like to look at watercolors from Roman Szmal. Belgian artists could purchase from Isaro.

    • Don't buy materials you won't use. It's compelling to grab everything in the office supply store during planner season or back-to-school sales, but do you really need sixteen spiral notebooks just because they are ten cents each? 
♻️  reuse
    • Make your own DIY journal, mixed media, planner, and scrapbook embellishments using catalogs and magazines. Our public library offers a free exchange area for these materials. Consider asking your local bookstore, community center, library, or YMCA to do the same.

    • If you have extra calendars and planners on hand, tuck them away for a future corresponding year. Here's a cheat sheet for repeating years.

♻️  recycle
♻️  bonus: remember the animals

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Ann is an artist and writer from Ohio. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube for fresh journal flips and reviews.