🌿 A Peaceful Lettering Practice

🌿 What brings you peace in tumultuous times?

Over the last few years, I've experienced numerous traumas, seemingly one right after another with little time to rest and reflect in between.

Although I am by nature a somewhat fastidious person given to sensitivity and worrying, this succession of overly distressing events has led me to a constant state of fight-or-flight feelings.

In an effort to find balance, I watch several different weekly sermons online. I've been to two of the churches in real life. I discovered the third through the magic of the YouTube algorithm. They all help keep me grounded, at least on Sunday mornings. 

I also turn to sermon transcripts from the church where I grew up. My mother and grandmother collected the leaflets and made their own notes in the margins, so Reverend Woods' words also carry the sentiments of my loved ones.

Once a week, I also sit down with a personalized Paper Sunday journal, flip through the verses to find one which speaks to me, and letter the scripture with a black brush pen. Then, on the left side of the spread, I take time to reflect on the message and write a little essay about it.

No matter what I hear, read, or paint, it's still difficult to stop my mind from anticipating the next crushing piece of news.

Repeating John 14:27 as a mantra helps:

“Peace I leave with you; my peace, I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”
- John 14:27

I breathe in on the first phrase. Hold the thought. Breathe out on the second phrase. Hold that in my heart. Repeat.

I can feel myself becoming more calm each time I read this, and no matter what your spiritual beliefs, I hope this verse helps you as well.

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Be well,

Ann is an artist and writer from Ohio. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube for fresh journal flips and reviews.