🌿 Lemon Vinaigrette

🌿 I think lemons have been shortchanged. We talk about lemon cars as a bad deal. "When life gives you lemons" means things have gone sour. The thing is . . . I love lemons.
My favorite summer meal this year has been a fruit-filled spinach salad drizzled with a healthy homemade dressing.

For the salad, I usually top spinach leaves with shredded cooked chicken, strawberries, mandarin oranges, feta cheese, and pecans. 

The dressing takes about thirty seconds to make and adds a nice zing. Just whisk equal parts fresh-squeezed lemon juice with EVOO and mix in some garlic, onion spice, and a tiny bit of honey or agave if you like a sweeter dressing. 

Now, let's talk about the journaling.

I've been using a Moleskine Daily as my commonplace book / omnibook / everything journal since May. I grabbed this on a deep discount at TJ Maxx, so it's worth the effort of ignoring or crossing out the dates. I like having 365+ pages in one book.

This paper detests watercolor, but I can get away with quick ink and wash illustrations as long as I a) use very little water and b) don't plan to use the other side of the page.

Many thanks to @handgemalt at Instagram for the lemon drawing tutorial.

🌿  featured supplies
  • Moleskine Daily | at Amazon 
    • FSC Certified paper
    • 365+ ruled pages
    • Choice of hard or soft cover

  • Zebra Zensations Brush Pen | at Amazon | at Blick
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    • Easy to control for beginners
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  • Tombow Mono Drawing Pens | at Amazon | at Blick
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  • Schmincke Horadam Watercolors | at Blick in Pans | at Blick in Tubes | at Jackson's
    • Made by a trusted, longstanding family-owned company in Germany
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    • There's no dye here, and a little pigment goes a long way

  • Elizo Leather Journal Cover
    • no longer made :(

Be well,

Ann is an artist and writer from Ohio. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube for fresh journal flips and reviews.