🌿 Eco Friendly Paper Crafting

🌿 As frequent readers know, I am always searching for more earth friendly alternatives for paper crafting.

I recently stumbled upon these beautiful patterns from Plan D which are marketed as gift wrap. They are essentially printed kraft paper, so they're also nice for journaling, scrapbooking, and perhaps even origami. 

Some of the designs are pretty enough to frame, don't you think?

Each package contains twelve 20" x 29" recycled sheets. In the picture above, I've trimmed them to small panels for decorating an A5 journal.

Find Plan D's vintage-inspired, recycled Kraft papers at Amazon. Take care to note that only two of the choices within the listing are recycled. These are the eco-friendly options: Floral-a and Floral-b.

Be well,

Ann is an artist and writer from Ohio. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube for fresh journal flips and reviews.